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There are currently 91 Travel Helpers for United Kingdom. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Lived here all my life and have travelled extensively over the years. :-)


Lived there for 4 years, travelled extensively in England and slightly less in Wales and Scotland


Live here in Wales now but previously both lived and travelled in most parts of the UK.

John Howe

Lived all my life in the UK and have travelled extensively there as well as writing a number of travel articles about Wales and England.
Currently share my time between Cardiff (Wales) and Bangkok, Thailand.


General knowledge of England, Wales and Scotland, I have lived in all three. I live near ro London, the South coast, and the arports, so travel knowledge is good.


I spent the first 24 years of my life here, and it is still my home. Ask me questions about England, I can probably answer those!


I have lived in Eastern England for forty years but was brought up in Edinburgh for a further twenty two.. I have travelled in most areas of the UK and have relatives in Northern Ireland. Nobody seems to come to East Anglia which has many charms, especially if you like old buildings,beamed English pubs., bird watching, big skies and cycling. I live in Queen Boudicca's territory so ask me anything about her or anything else and I'll try to answer. I may even offer you a bed for the night in my tiny sixteenth century cottage.


I have lived in London for the last 6 years and am pretty up to speed on interesting activities available and how to see the 'Londoner's London'. So, if you're visiting the capital and have any questions on what to do, fire away.


I have lived here most of my life. Live in Hampshire, have also lived in London. Been to many places in the UK so should have some wisdom to share with potential visitors.


I live here and have travel extensivly around the country, so will be able to help with anything from where to go to where to stay.


Was in UK a year back - and like my log says it was a dream come true... Not sure how much I can help, but would love to share my experiences with people!


Live in UK for over 50 yearss.
Travel by train preferably.
Knowledge of non-tourist London.


I have lived in the UK since 2002 and I travel about in my spare time. I can help with all sorts of questions on living and visiting as well as general information for Travellers.


Currently living in Brighton (again), have done on-and-off since 1998. Have lived in London quite a bit. Also particularly useful for Cumbria - Lake District and North Pennines, though I say so myself - I was brought up there and visit regularly. I've travelled around the UK a lot, so if you want an opinion on something give me a try.



I have lived & travelled extensively throughout the UK for 10 years and I will be happy to help you with any query you may have about England & Wales travelling tips. Do feel free to check my blog Postcards from England which will already provide you with some interesting informations about many places around the UK.



Advice on traveling to/from/within the UK
Advice on Leeds/Yorkshire region

Scots Heather

I have lived here all my life (53). I have travelled extensively in the UK especially touring by car all over Scotland, its islands, and over to the Shetland and Orkney Islands. I now live in south west England.


I have lived in the UK all my live (apart from a couple of jaunts away to travel in other parts of the world!), in several different areas and... I run a travel company, Great British Escapes, which arranges tailor-made holidays in Britain, so I travel extensively in Britain for my job. Very happy to help if I can.


What to do in London, and surrounds.


I am an American who lived in England for three years, 2002-2005, in the US Navy and have great knowledge of the country and of traveling around Western Europe- cheap airlines, best hostels, trains, euro rail passes, etc...


I have lived in England, Wales and Scotland, travelled all over the UK and Europe and worked in tourism related jobs for over 20 years.

If I can help I will.

Please do not ask me general questions about London or specific hotels or restaurants - I now live in Scotland and cannot know the answers.

Ask me interesting stuff - where to avoid other tourists, what is in the news, stuff like that - make it interesting for me too, please!


I have had the immense pleasure of visiting Edinburgh, Scotland 3times (January 2011, April 2011 and March 2012) over the last year and a half. My fiance currently resides there and so when visiting I am lucky to get to see the city through the eyes of a local. And since my fiance had only recently moved there when we began dating, we have been able to have many adventures getting to know the city.

I can also answer questions about Manchester Airport since this is the airport I have flown in and out of multiple times.


I live in and love walking and biking in the Lake District. There is a Lake District away from Windermere, much quieter, more peaceful and waiting your attention.


I am from the UK and have lived in quite a few different cities...Lincoln, Birmingham, Windsor, Durham, Wolverhampton, Edinburgh.


Was born and bred in Birmingham. Can help with general info :-)


Worked and lived in London for a year now. Can help out with all sorts of things. Try me.

bob flinn

I was born in Scotland and lived their until my early 20's I now live in the south of England where I am a physiotherapist. I have travelled a lot in both countries.
I have also travelled to Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand a few times and will be happy to help if asked.


Things to do, places to go, passes, travel, currency, tours and what to expect.


I spent most of last summer travelling all over Western and Central Europe Including London. I really got to know this city and especially their tube (underground) system. If you have any questions regarding the Tube, ie. how it works, cost, frequency etc. feel free to ask!


We live in London, and can help the traveller that wishes to find out more about this area.


I lived in the UK for 7 years and visited many cities and regions in England and Wales. I can provide information for London, south of the UK and also Midlands.


I've lived in the U.K all my life and have had many happy holidays spent there. I grew up in south Manchester and lived in London for almost 4 yrs. I can advise on where to go in Manchester and London and provide general travel advice for the U.K.


UK National. Live in London but have a very good knowledge of the whole of england. Have live / worked in all 4 corners of good old Blighty.


I can tell some helpful info about Finland, lived there for 23 years, and also as well for UK, lived here for 5 years now. Kainuu region in Finland is my area and I know it very well. And in UK North west area. Just give me a shout and I'll find my way to help you. :-)


An American's point of view, and the type of problems Americans might encounter in the UK.


I was born and bred in England and have lived here all of my life except whilst away on adventures!Grew up in the North and I have been living in London the past 4 years to study.....Travelled to a lot of places around the UK and can give great advice on pretty places to go, interesting places to see and I have to admit im quite the expert when its comes to trains and buses! Spent a lot of time also in Scotland and Wales!

let's go

I live in London and can give advice and tips on travel, accommodation, sight seeing etc. etc.


I live in the central part of the uk, Nottingham. I can help with information concerning travel places to see etc local to the area.


Anything to do with the South East on England including London. As well as Nottingham in the Midlands. I know all the attractions, local transport, theme parks, hotels, etc


Lives in Plymouth and Exeter for 2 and 3 years.

special a

I live and work in Manchester UK for 18 years so would be happy to offer any advice I can for travellers to the North West of England. I am an artist.


Kidderminster, Halesowen and Stourbridge. Travelling around, nightlife, and accomodation ideas.


If you need to know good places to go out in Manchester, drop me a line.


Im Chinese that living in London since age of 15. I hope to help pp to discover more local social events n' gengeral knowledge. I'll try my best, just buzz me if you wish xxxx


Am English! Can help anyone wishing to get around the UK with routes, places and info etc....


Grew up in sunny Brighton, so nights out and walks in the country in East Sussex are a speciality. Also lived in Exeter for three years, so can be helpful for Devon and the South West as well.


ianyone visiting cambridge i may be able to help (or not !) , born in cambridge and now currently back living here so if your visiting and want to know something i may be able to help : )


can help travelling north england


Been living in North Wales all my life virtually - if you're planning on visiting the UK, you must include North Wales on your itinery. Beautiful place with lots of castles and ruins, mountains and great history. Happy to answer questions....
I also know quite a bit about surrounding areas (the North of Britain) and London having worked there.


Live in London and travelled all around in UK and Ireland.


I live in cornwall and work in Devon and have a good knowledge of this area.


I run a budget adventure tour company in the UK called Bustrail. I obviously have a lot of experience with hostels, sites and activities in the UK. I am happy to offer advice on any part of the UK.


Generally anything about the UK! Specifically as I've lived most of my life in Bristol & Leeds I know more about these than anywhere else.. but feel free to ask me anyway. Also good at finding transport bargains UK and Europe-wide!


special offers on paris hotels and hotels around the world and also airline offers.


Organised a trip with my family to Rajasthan, India in 2006, which worked out very well, so can offer tips to anyone going there

Resident in England and willing to answer any queries

A keen skier who can offer advice on the European ski scene


I have lived here for quite a while now! Please just ask me everything (travel related only please), especially with regards to the North East, the Lake district and Scotland.


I have travelled extensively through Morocco, Turkey, Greek Islands, Egypt, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia & USA. More than happy to help if you have any questions.


travel details especially West Yorkshire


How Can you help??
I’m a 73 year old male with Heart Failure, which is under control My doctor says I can drive, and Fly. However I need a wheelchair at airports, -(no problem). I always fly KLM – Johannesburg to Norwich via Amsterdam, (Schiphol) and vice versa. I have a 3 bedroomed house in Norfolk. What I need is someone to lift my cabin bag into it’s compartment, together with my laptop, and to get my bag off the baggage roundabout. We’re met at Johannesburg, and I catch a taxi at Norwich.
My wife has a retirement cottage in Bryanston, Johannesburg, which she loves. Also the weather (sunshine). So we have decided that I spend 4 months of the year with her, and she spends 4 months in the UK with me. You will need overnight (or longer), accommodation at Norwich, and we have a guest suite (en suite) with a double bed and electric blanket, if necessary, and this of course, is free.

Are you the right person/people for us??

Jack Downing


Lived in the Midlands for most of my life.


I live here! i know some great places in the midlands, if anyone is coming to the area, gimme a shout!


I have much knowledge of England and Scotland from family history and visit


With any info on Manchester (my university town and home of 5 years) or London where I have lived all my life.


Planning a visit to North Yorkshire? Drop me an email, and I'll help as much as possible! Lets put a stop to tourists erecting their picnic tables at the side of the main road, visit the countryside!


I have lived in Tyne and Wear, North of England all of my life as I am a geography teacher I know a great deal about the area specifically Newcastle upon Tyne. I have a very active social life and can also give tips on where to go for evenings in the North depending on what you're loking for. I'll help as best I can.


This is my home country . . . .

I have lived in 8 different counties and even more towns. have also travelled extensively in the UK so can advise, guide on most places (from Leeds to Scotland and back down to Isle of Wight!) but especially southern England. Also good on castles!!






I live in a town called Blackpool in the North West of England. Should anyone need any help with this area I would be happy to help (if I can)


i have travelled extensively throughout the uk staying in all types of accomadation from expensive hotels to youth hostels and campsites. i would be able to advise travellers on places to stay and things to do. i have a good knowledge of public transport and road systems. i can also advise older travellers as many friends i have travelled with are in different ages groups including 27-33 and 40+


I live on the Isle of Wight
And we have thousands of visitors.


I have lived in the UK my whole life! I think I would be of most help to anyone travelling to the Midlands area, ask me anything you like & I will do my best to help!


I live in the UK at present and I would be happy to help with any enquiries anyone planning a visit here has. My contact details can be found on my website I speak English and French and I have travelled throughout the UK and Western Europe so I will do my best.




I can help with anywhere in England as I have lived in several different places all around the country, but especially South-East England, London, and the West Country, eg Bristol, Bath.


Liverpool and the North West UK. Lived in liverpool all my life and know it all like the back of my hand.

Keen to help people see the real liverpool instead of all the usual stuff like mathew st, albert dock and the duck bus. Plenty more beatiful places across the whole of the city. Try and


There's MUCH more to the UK than just London! I travel all over Britain as part of my job and if you're looking for something different to the capital maybe I can suggest something.


Happy to offer assistance to anyone planning to visit the United Kingdom. I am based just outside London so would be able to help out with any queries relating to a visit to our capital....feel free to ask any questions and I will help where I can! Kv :o)


I have lived in the UK my whole life so I hope I can be of some use.
I know the South West very well, but I know most other areas pretty well too.


Iam a UK Immigration Solicitor, would be willing to help any questions about UK Immigartion Law & Rules.


i can help with the eastmidlands


I'm going to be very biased on this - my country of origin - but I'm happy to help!


I have worked professionally in the hospitality industry in the UK and have extensive knowledge and experience of travelling to and within the UK.


Thanks to my parents i've been all over this fair isle, England, Scotland and Wales, and stayed most places as a visitor myself so i'll do my best to help you out!

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