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The Travel Helpers are Travellerspoint members who have volunteered to help others plan their trip by answering questions about places they are passionate about. There are currently 5168 travel helpers giving advice on 601 destinations!

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You can also post a topic in our active travel forums. If you specify a country when posting your message, all the Travel Helpers for that country will be notified via email. If asking isn't your style, sit back and read your way through our wiki travellers guide or the thousands of blogs that are kept here by other travellers. There is a wealth of information available!

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New Travel Helpers

KrakowShuttle (Krakow)

I live in Krakow and probably I know every corner of our charming city – my goal is to share this knowledge with Krakow’s visitors. I can also organize every step of tour for the individuals and groups

iscanlon65 (Europe)

from there

nlauer (Morocco)

I am the managing partner of Open Doors Morocco. We offer private 4x4 tours led by local hosts. Our vision of tourism is where the lives of our foreign guests, as well as those of Moroccan Nationals, are enriched in meaningful ways. Our Morocco Tours create natural opportunities for cultural connection and we have experienced first hand how life impacting this can be.

Sanfoula (Morocco)

I'm a destination expert, i've been working as a travel agent in Morocco for more than 10 years organizing hassle free trips to travelers all over the world. I'll be happy to answer all your questions and share my knowledge of the destination.

Minh Thao (Vietnam)

I was born in Danang City in Vietnam so i know all about Danang such as cuisine, places, culture and so on. I can instruct you where you can find a food store with the cheapest prices , how to travel around the city and many things about my hometown. I've travelled lots of places in Vietnam from north to south as well. I am currently living Ho Chi Minh CIty for studying. I've lived there for 3 years and i am very excited about being your helper for the most busiest city in Vietnam.