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The Travel Helpers are Travellerspoint members who have volunteered to help others plan their trip by answering questions about places they are passionate about. There are currently 5126 travel helpers giving advice on 594 destinations!

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You can also post a topic in our active travel forums. If you specify a country when posting your message, all the Travel Helpers for that country will be notified via email. If asking isn't your style, sit back and read your way through our wiki travellers guide or the thousands of blogs that are kept here by other travellers. There is a wealth of information available!

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corneggs (Iceland)

Lived here for a year and my partner is Icelandic.

allthai (North Thailand)

Living in Thailand since 1989 I get many questions about dos and don't s, what staying in a hill tribe village is really like and other possible experiences. I have written several articles and stories on such matters for magazines, in internet travel blogs, forums and journal sites. Rather than trying to find them I have added them here. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have writing them.

ismaila.jalow (Gambia)

hey i am Gambian citizen who travel almost all part of the country. i have been helping tourist from many part os the world to find accommodation, safari trips and many more.who ever is interested to come to the Gambia i am here always online you can ask anything you want to ask

samyargerrard (Nepal)

I have organized many treks in Nepal. My father has a trekking agency. So, it runs in family. Recently, I went to Mt. Everest base camp. Moreover, I have done few others treks too. I think I will be a good travel helper. I can give you all the information that you need to have a good time in Nepal. Nepal is a beautiful country and it's just not enough to visit only once.

bigvibes (Canada)

I'm originally from Toronto and have lived in a couple of spots in BC and spent a lot of time in Quebec and the east coast. I've travelled to all the provinces.