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The Travel Helpers are Travellerspoint members who have volunteered to help others plan their trip by answering questions about places they are passionate about. There are currently 5240 travel helpers giving advice on 624 destinations!

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You can also post a topic in our active travel forums. If you specify a country when posting your message, all the Travel Helpers for that country will be notified via email. If asking isn't your style, sit back and read your way through our wiki travellers guide or the thousands of blogs that are kept here by other travellers. There is a wealth of information available!

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Vicenta (Jerusalem)

I just published the book "Wandering in Jerusalem", and I will be very happy to help others to plan trips to Jerusalem. It's a fascinating city that I love very much.

Jimzbronx (Indonesia)

I was a citizen of Indonesia who is familiar with the culture and tourism in my country, because I love travel trip so I decided to build a company called "Golden Angelz Tour Event & Organizer" who handles many domestic and international tourists who want to visit once to know the culture and tourism in Indonesia, for friends who wish to visit the Indonesian state and in need of your help at the same information can contact me: Hotline : +62 81251812383 / +62 8998811991 Blackberry Pin : 520EC748 Line + Whatsapp : +62 8998811991 YM + Msn : jimzbronx Email : / Blog :

BERTHO (About:Google Authorship)

I did visit as today 38 countries and live 4 years in Thailand as expatriate. I m now starting a round trip the world for the next 8 months

daniele19 (Italy)

i love travelling, italy is my home country and it has so much to offer. I'd be glad to help you with suggestions about mayor cities and towns out of turist track, transportation sistem, climate and other general informations

badri.ramasub (Europe)

Hello, I'm from India. I've solo backpacked Europe bunch of times (short/long trips spanning 11 countries) I'd be happy to help with any questions you have regarding places to stay/visit, budget, commuting, etc...