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The Travel Helpers are Travellerspoint members who have volunteered to help others plan their trip by answering questions about places they are passionate about. There are currently 5105 travel helpers giving advice on 585 destinations!

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You can also post a topic in our active travel forums. If you specify a country when posting your message, all the Travel Helpers for that country will be notified via email. If asking isn't your style, sit back and read your way through our wiki travellers guide or the thousands of blogs that are kept here by other travellers. There is a wealth of information available!

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AikasMX (Mexico)

I am 26 year old mexican who loves traveling his country. I know many famous tourist places but also many very beautiful hidden places and we must not forget the cheap places. Also I live here so I can tell you the truth of many places and security tips; if I not know the answer I'll search for it.

WHYDT (Edinburgh)

I live over the water in Fife but lived in Leith for over a year.

OlgaD (Minsk)

I live in Minsk for all my life. I'work as a guide-interpreter, and I know the city very well.

Emm Noel Dulay (Mt. Pinatubo)

We've been to a lot of places in the Philippines via own trip.

didik aprianto (Yogyakarta)

i live at Yogyakarta more than 5 years, i can help traveler from outside Yogyakarta to find hotel or guest house, car or transportation and guide which beautiful place at yogyakarta to be visited. if any questions or need help, don't hesitate to contact me .