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  • taronga zoo
    went to taronga zo yest. was a bit dubious about it as a general rule i dont like zoos but teh animals were so well cared for. i was like an excited kid in a sweet shop!! kangaroos, koalas, walabies, wombats, snakes, and animals i had never heard off. there was also elephants, lions, tigers, and this big ...
    Posted in the start of my great adventure! by lindz24

  • le Café
    bien corsé j'enfile ma parca sa y'est je peux y'aller "Où est-ce que tu vas" me cri mon aimée "prenons ...
    Posted in Action is Character by CuriousCaseOf

  • yes i am out of the city!!
    hey so left yha yest. oh my god i am not exagetratting -(god my spelling is bloodly awful!!!) i thought my back was going to brak and i swear to god its those bloodly conatcts! my bag is already broken-being held together by duct tape! was really hot to but got to the guesthouse taht we srae staying till until ...
    Posted in the start of my great adventure! by lindz24

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