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    not important - very warm actually a disadvantage for us pasty people Lots to see and do - not beach type ...

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  • Porto
    tastings are the thing to do in Porto. Most of the wineries let you taste the wine for free or for maybe 1 ...
    Posted in The D & C World Tour! by crantravel

  • Porto
    of Porto, but almost it's own little town. Some of the cathedrals... Sé do Porto This is the view from the Sé do Porto... One of the best! We wandered through the narrow streets, took ...
    Posted in Adventures in Spain and Portugal by Suzy_Belle

  • Porto
    Erin Ok, so I have been really slack in updating the blog..... After our ordeal at attempting a fresh fish meal we walk over to the other side of the river and let off some steam. We decide to do some touristy type event and see the Telérifico de Gaia which takes us to the top of the Porto to the government ...
    Posted in Pinto Family holidays by Kimerinallanah

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