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Lhasa is a city of roughly 255,000 people and is at an altitude of approximately 3,650 metres (11,975 feet). Lhasa has a been an important religious center for Tibetans for over a thousand years. The city was not made into the political center of Tibet until the fifth Dalai Lama conquered Tibet in the 17th century.

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Tibetan child
Bendy road
drummer boy behind Potala
Train to Lhasa
Train to Lhasa

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Lhasa Discussions

  • bus to Lhasa from Chengdu
    If there's group which go by bus from Chengdu to Lhasa for individual tourists, would you like to join it? How much you can bear? What's your plan after your arrival in Lhasa? Several simple questions, please help me. Thaks! ...

  • Food Guide to Lhasa
    Hey folks, I'm a student who has been living in Lhasa for over a year now. I'm writing a food guide to Lhasa at the request of some people I know. I am looking for feedback from people who have been to Lhasa, about your favorite restaurants, favorite meals, suggestions, anything really. The more detailed ...

  • KTM-Lhasa in March
    Hi, Next March I will be crossing the Himalayas overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa (or the opposite way). The problem is that I've heard there is no flights Lhasa-KTM during March.. Is it true? My flight back home will departure from Dealhi so I must find a way to get back to Delhi .... it could ...

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Lhasa Sonam Youth Hostel
84 %

Lhasa Sonam Youth Hostel

11 South De Ji Road (Map) - Hostel
Lhasa DongCuo International Youth Hostel
75 %

Lhasa DongCuo International Youth Hostel

No.10 East Beijing Road the opposite of Tow district Government (Map) - Hostel
Lhasa International Youth Hostel
66 %

Lhasa International Youth Hostel

No.48 North Duosenge Road (Map) - Hostel
Dalan Hostel

Dalan Hostel

No. 172, Middle Beijing Road the opposite of the north gate of Lhasa Hotel (Map) - Hostel
The New Dragon Gate Hostel

The New Dragon Gate Hostel

No.26 Ramoche Road, Lhasa,PRC (Map) - Hostel