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Mangalore is a port city in the southeastern Indian state of Karnataka.

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Mangalore Discussions

  • Backpacking in South India- July-August
    Don't you enjoy rains? Kerala,Mangalore and Goa are beautiful under rains. If you want to avoid rains,try TamilNadu and Andra where it may not rain intensely unless there is a cyclone which comes very rarelyOnly the coastal areas are humid and places like Madurai are dry. ...

    What do you expect your trip's focus to be? heritage, architecture, arts, flora, fauna? Because it will also be summer in India, just ensure that children are in slightly pleasant climate.. such as Kerala, the hills of TamilNadu, Bangalore, Mangalore, the Himalayas.. Then chart out a programme around ...

  • India Visitors Info
    Friends, I am an Indian too from Mangalore,Karnataka.My intention was not to promote business by starting this not even in the tourism business! Hence,please refrain from posting your adverts in this thread.Instead,help the potential travellers by guiding and advising them inorder to make ...

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Mangalore Blog Entries

  • New Mangalore, India
    Mangalore is the principal port in the state of Karnataka with the Arabian Sea to the west and the Western Ghats to the east. We had a fairly intense day as we immersed ourselves in Jainism, an ancient Indian religion (along with Hinduism and Buddhism). Our first stop was in the town of Karkala - about ...
    Posted in Bangkok to Dubai - 2014 by Culinerrion

  • Mangalore Resort Day 1
    All pretty seedy but some beautiful scenery of cocnut groves and the Arabian Sea. Saw a medieval fort right on the coast. We actually stipped at Uddal, which is where our resort is. We went on 10km to Mangalore on the train and got 2 taxis back to the resort, oldish but villa is comfy and there are 3 TVs ...
    Posted in Bannisters in India by bannfam

  • Mangalore to Bhatkal (Murudeshwar)
    Mangalore – Facts: Pop 398,745 - Mangalore is hilly with winding disorienting streets. - Mangalore is one of the fastest developing cities in India. - Known as the "open drain city", due of raw ...
    Posted in Mumbai Xpress Autorickshaw Rally - 2008 by hilarywh

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Gold Finch Mangalore

Gold Finch Mangalore

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