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Ilha do Mel Discusiones

  • planning or winging, which do you do?
    Hello Latarina I usually make a loose plan. Then I adjust it, if something interesting comes up. Mel ...

  • dont know what to do
    . I really dont know what to do right now! Am I looking for a job or i'm going back home to try to get ...

  • Do you tip?
    Hello Kathi I dont mind tipping, when the tip is not expected and is a gift. I dont like when there is a demand, that I give a tip. In some places the staff are so tip greedy, that they are actually rude and pushy, with people who linger or who do not buy enough to warrent a big tip. Mel ...

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Hostel Encantadas Ecologic
89 %

Hostel Encantadas Ecologic

Praia das Encantadas, s/n (Mapa) - Hostal
Hostel Marimar
87 %

Hostel Marimar

Praia das Encantadas s/n CEP 83203-970 (Mapa) - Hostal
Hostel Pousada do Ade

Hostel Pousada do Ade

Praia Encantadas (Mapa) - Hostal