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Dakar Discusiones

  • Gambia to Senegal & Cape Verde / W. Africa Bus Routes
    , then travel independently from The Gambia into Senegal, and then book a flight from Dakar to the Cape Verde islands. If anyone has done this, I'd really appreciate some advice - how to get from Banjul to Dakar ...

  • How to get to the south?
    Do you mean the south of Africa, like South Africa? From Dakar? Or south from Burkina to Ghana? You can try to get on a cargo ship from Dakar heading south, but I won't take that chance. Otherwise, you have to take a flight. Don't know which is the best connections, but Kenya Airways and South ...

  • Hommage for Ali Farka Touré
    Hi! Not sure if I was able to send my last post. I just want to say that I'm going there. The best way I found so far is travel to Dakar and catch the legendary african train-the slowest train in the world to Bamako. Sérgio ...

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