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Geelong Discusiones

  • Travel buddy!
    Hey! Have been in OZ for 6 weeks now, living in a town called Geelong about an hour from the city. I'm 23 and a female, from the UK and I'm looking to meet new friends. I would be happy to come into the city to meet up. Planning on a trip to Sydney soon so if anyone feels like coming to give us a shout ...

  • getting to Australia, help!
    Hi ausies, I need your help! I am Alejandro from Spain, I've never been in Australia before but everybody say that its the most awesome place and its one of my dreams. I want to spend a year-long there and I have to choose between one of this places... 1. Sydney 2. Brisbane 3. Perth 4. Geelong 5 ...

  • Best place to live for me?
    yea melbourne's basically the best place to live and if u want a good beach you can always go to geelong beach which is reasonably close ...

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Irish Murphys Geelong

Irish Murphys Geelong

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