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  • Carnival
    You can come to Olinda in Pernambuco. I think is the best carnaval party. If you wanna a crazy party All party is crazy! Search for " Olinda Pernabuco Carnaval" Fell free, to ask me anything you wanna. Best Wishes, Henrique Lima Recife - PE Brazil ...

Olinda Entradas en el blog

  • Olinda, que linda!
    of Bahian food and music before heading to Olinda, where we were going to spend a few days at Nico’s house. We were picked up in Recife by the housekeeper and we drove to colorful Olinda. Nico’s parents bought a beautiful colonial town house in the center of Olinda a few years ago, but rarely used it, and Nico was kind ...
    Posted in WANDERLUST by kreglicka

  • Weekend with Nico.
    , Beyu, who together with his buddy, Diego, showed us Olinda from a local point of view. Those two really ...
    Posted in WANDERLUST by kreglicka

  • buildings of olinda
    olinda is 20 minutes away from a big city called recife. Recife is the backdrop of olinda when you are in olinda looking out and it makes you feel good, because you see the skyscrapers and feel lucky that you are not there, but here. recife recife 2 and here is olinda: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 11 ...
    Posted in brazil 101 by aylinayar

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HI Albergue de Olinda
78 %

HI Albergue de Olinda

Rua do Sol, 233 Carmo (Mapa) - Hostal
Albergue Sitio do Carmo
75 %

Albergue Sitio do Carmo

Rua Justino Goncalves, 75 Carmo (Mapa) - Hostal
Casa de Hilton

Casa de Hilton

Rua do Sol, 77 Carmo (Mapa) - Hostal
Hostel Duarte Coelho

Hostel Duarte Coelho

Rua Cel João Lapa, 162 Varadouro (Mapa) - Hostal