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Arequipa Fotos

plant lamp-1
Der Himmel in Flammen ueber Arequipa
36 views of El Misti: rooftop laundry at Arequipa

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Arequipa Discusiones

  • How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites have you visited?
    , machu pichu, lima, nasca, arequipa · Senegal – (1) djoudi national bird sanctuary · Spain – (1) monastry ...

  • best European-influenced city
    tons of other places in South America besides Buenos Aires: Cartagena and Santa Marta in Colombia, Arequipa and Cusco in Peru, Cordoba in Argentina are just some of the bigger cities that immediately spring to mind... then you have the tons of small "colonial" towns and villages (we're talking about towns like ...

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Solar de Arequipa Colonial Inn

Solar de Arequipa Colonial Inn

Puente Bolognesi 114 (Mapa) - Hostal