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Haikou Discusiones

  • hainan, the floods
    I don't really care... I'm still going. I assume Haikou and Sanya were not affected... If you are to go to Shenzhen from Hainan, which city would be a PRACTICAL, and Interesting to visit... Foshan, and those other cities... I've been to Zhuhai and Guanzhou, so not interested. ...

  • Fujian Vs. Sanya, Hainan (China)
    that island off the coast of Fujian. I wonder how much is it to get to that island. If you only go to Haikou ...

  • Beihai to Hainan by ferry
    Has anyone ever tried or heard about the Behai to Haikou by ferry? I probably read this in a lonely planet. How much is it and how long? I assume that a train that links Guanzhou to Hainan exist. Some people said it does not exist. Are there dorm rooms in Sanya? ...

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Haikou Youth Hostel
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Haikou Youth Hostel

16 Duhai Road D102 Binhai Huayuan Xingang (Mapa) - Hostal
Haikou Twinstar Youth Hostel
79 %

Haikou Twinstar Youth Hostel

Huaxia Villa, 1 Heping Avenue 2nd Cross Road (Mapa) - Hostal
Haikou Banana International Youth Hostel
76 %

Haikou Banana International Youth Hostel

3-4 Liyuan Villas Renmin Road (Mapa) - Hostal
Redbud Flower International Youth Hostel
74 %

Redbud Flower International Youth Hostel

No.13, Bilin Ge, YeHai Mountain villa,JinMao West (Mapa) - Hostal
Haikou North20 International Hostel

Haikou North20 International Hostel

No.18 Fuhai Villa, Haidian Wuzhong Road Meilan District (Mapa) - Hostal