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  • Any cruise enthusiasts here?
    I went on the Independence of the Seas and did the Mediterranean Treasures itinerary so I cruised from Southampton, and visited Gilbraltar/Cannes/Barcelona/Palma de Mallorca/Alicante/Malaga/Lisbon/Vigo and back to Southampton. It was my first cruise experience, so I was overwhelmed by how big the ship was ...

  • Post Travelling Blues :(
    i once came back from south of france and had this fling with this nice new zealand girl on my 2 weeks in cannes, it was really nice and enjoyable! then when i returned to scotland i wanted to shoot myself in the head...wasnt just any holiday in france it was the fling that made it all that better ...

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Éthic étapes Cannes Jeunesse

Éthic étapes Cannes Jeunesse

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