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  • Anger
    Anger is one of the most interesting emotions... Ok, I'm not being self righteous by posting this entry because I am very much aware of the fact that I have a baaad temper myself. It's just that something happened this morning which made me realize you are at the losing end if you give in to your anger ...
    Posted in cuckoo by stitch

  • Angers, Shmangers
    and a half away, but you get the idea. The last week of my trip has been spent in Angers, France, and I ...
    Posted in Dana's Summer Abroad by drhoades

  • Don't mess with the Berserk
    I'm not usually a fan of throwing my thoughts out there while under the influence of alcohol and anger, filled with testosterone pumping through my veins, I always sigh when I see people spreading ...
    Posted in Beppe Karlsson by Beppe.Karlsson

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