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  • Spring weekend ideas from Shanghai
    street 3) Taishan (best sunrise in May?): Taishan, Jinan (peach blossom festival in April) 4) Shaoxing (April onwards better): Lu Xun, East Lake, Wang Xizhi's Orchid Pavilion, Shaoxing city square, Anchang ...

  • Beijing & maybe Shanghai
    How are the rooms at the Hiker and does it have a restaurant/bar at the top where you can overlook the views of Pudong? I'll be in Shanghai probably around June 26th with a buddy. We're planning to go to Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shaoxing, and Huangshan before we head to southern China. If anyone wants to hang out ...

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Shaoxing Luxun Native Place Youth Hostel
81 %

Shaoxing Luxun Native Place Youth Hostel

No.558 South Xinjian Road Yuecheng District (Mappa) - Ostello
Tianmuyi International Youth Hostel

Tianmuyi International Youth Hostel

No.72, Kantou Villa, Qixing Street Xinchang County (Mappa) - Ostello