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  • places you cant miss in Japan
    airfare would have been about $400 AUD. My wife and I did Tokyo-Okinawa-Miyazaki ...

  • Okinawa?
    to Miyazaki. Can't recall seeing any US military personnel when we were there, but the place was chocka ...

  • Japan This September
    ) 15) Iya Valley 16) Iya Valley 17) Matsuyama 18) Matsuyama 19) Boat to Beppu 20) Beppu 21) Miyazaki 22) Miyazaki 23) Kagoshima 24) Kagoshima 25) Yakushima Island 26) Yakushima Island 27) Yakushima Island 28 ...

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Articoli nei Blog su Miyazaki

  • Tokyo
    Day 2 in Tokyo. Overcast and nippy. Tucked away in the western suburbs of Tokyo is the Studio Ghibli museum, a place dedicated to the brilliance of Hayao Miyazaki, created of anime such as Princess ...
    Posted in Sliding Sideways Across the Globe by ImpBob36

  • The Burbs
    So we left heading out to Mitaka and the Ghibli (pronounced jiburi) museum of famous animator Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Totoro). We walk to the station with an air of arrogance like we can do anything in this city we know how to manage the trains after yesterday---and we get to the station ticket ...
    Posted in Around the World in 87 Days by sherpaBen

  • Route Kagoshima - Kirishima - Beppu
    There is no quick route from Kagoshima to Beppu because there are too many volcanoes in the way! The quickest route is to go all the way back up to Fukuoka and then east all the way across. Much much better would be to go east first and visit Miyazaki. We didn't go this time because of time restrictions ...
    Posted in Japan by olibeddall

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Aoshima Guest House Hooju

2-7-29 Aoshima, Miyazaki Miyazaki Prefecture (Mappa) - Ostello
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Guest House Heiwa

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