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  • Lijiang
    Well, what an interesting experience, lots of good and bad things about the Chinese tourist experience in Lijiang - a beautiful, and beautifully restored (there ws a major earthquake in 1997 ...
    Posted in China 2007 by magykal1

  • Lijiang
    On Monday after meeting up with our Intrepid group we left for an 9 hour bus ride to the town of Lijiang. Straight away we learnt that the quality of Chinese driving left much to be desired, when ...
    Posted in Alex & Rob's Travel Blog by robbiet239

  • In Lijiang
    We are here on our second day in the town of Lijiang. Its a pretty old place, most of the town is over 3-4 centuries old. It has been very relaxing. We got to sleep in today after 2 mornings in a row of getting up before 5am. We have just walked around town looking at the little shops, taking pictures ...
    Posted in Ni Hao Y'all by Neato24

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Nirvana Backpacker

Nirvana Backpacker

No.91 WenSheng alley WuYi street Old Town (Mappa) - Ostello
On The Road International Youth Hostel

On The Road International Youth Hostel

No.45 Wenlin Alley Yishang Street Lijiang Old Town,Yunnan (Mappa) - Ostello
Shuhe Doumi International Youth Hostel

Shuhe Doumi International Youth Hostel

No. 26 Zhong He Village Shuhe Ancient Town of Lijiang (Mappa) - Ostello
Lijiang Dengba Hostel

Lijiang Dengba Hostel

No. 22 Yishangwenlin Street Lijiang Old Town (Mappa) - Ostello