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  • Best Volunteering Experience w/o Qualifications?
    , there is also an awesome place in Gweru, Zimbabwe where you can work with lions. Think about what you want ...

  • Animal Encounters - Travelers tales. Post your best.
    I was visiting a lion breeding programme in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago and had joined a group which were taking some young lions out to practice their hunting skills one night. The group had ...

  • Volunteering
    I would always recommend to book before, as its rare these days that you can volunteer for free. Companies make money by having their travellers pay them to volunteer. I recently went to a Lion Park in South Africa called Ukutula and they had volunteers there staying for a few weeks helping with the lion ...

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Cool & Bed
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Cool & Bed

32 quai Arloing (Mappa) - Ostello
Éthic Étape-CISL-Lyon
82 %

Éthic Étape-CISL-Lyon

103, Boulevard des Etats-Unis (Mappa) - Ostello
SLO Living Hostel

SLO Living Hostel

5 rue Bonnefoi (Mappa) - Ostello