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あなたが選んだデートは過去にありますベット から US$24個室 から US$107



  • Brazil!
    come there for a holiday! Belem Our second stop in Brazil was Belem. It is the 10th biggest city ...
    Posted in Jas on AIDAVita by JazzyFizzl

  • The Amazon Part I
    and which contains around 30% of all living organisms on Earth. Welcome to the Jungle Boat 1: Belem to Santarem We began our journey in Belem, where we boarded our first boat. As we were travelling ...
    Posted in Tim and Erin's Travels by TimandErin

  • Belem and Soure
    , it was good to get into a real bed. I stayed in Belem for a few days and then took a 3 day trip to Soure, at the mouth of the Amazon. Belem is another big city that´s quite dirty and poor, but the people ...
    Posted in south america trip by supersteve

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HI Amazônia

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