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  • A country to move to
    (Sabah, Sarawak) is a nice getaway... No 3. "Quite low prices" - i think the cost of living in Malaysia ...

  • You show me yours and i will show you mine!
    During my final year in Borneo, I followed a friend to his hometown in a very rural villge in Sarawak; no transport is accessible except the wooden 'rakit' to drift by; I even bath naked in the river with crocodiles! (That's the best part of it!) Take the water from the hill and wash our clothes by the river ...


  • Sarawak
    Iban dancing girls We are now in Sarawak, Malaysia’s largest state located in East Malaysia on the island of Borneo….it is amazing…. I don’t ever want to leave… We are going to the SARAWAK CULTURAL ...
    Posted in my malaysia adventure by asia2010

  • Sarawak
    I have seen that many malaysians greet each other with a soft handshake and then place their right ...
    Posted in Exploring Malaysia by dhk456

  • Day 9
    Awaking early at (7am) we hit the road again. Driving along the Sarawak coast was beautiful, the scenery was amazing. About 7 hours later we arrived into our final Sarawak destination, Kuching ...
    Posted in Travelling Through Beautiful Malaysia by Malaysia12

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J K view Lodge

J K view Lodge

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