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  • Canada
    Canada is a North American country. It is located in the Northern part of the content it extends from the atlantic ocean to the pacific ocean in the west and northward into the arctic ocean ...
    Posted in Amusement Parks Around The World by ljuarez

  • STILL on the way to Hawaii
    Weather is clearing up a bit, but if anything it has gotten windier. For those of a nautical bent, we are solidly in Beaufort 7. Winds consistently between 30-35 mph, gusting higher. An advisory was put out to hold onto something when venturing out on deck. Not only are the decks slippery with spray ...
    Posted in West Coast Transit by pafrag

  • Bullet points
    animal. Then two more. Eventually arrived at our campsite 'Wagon Wheels', in Beaufort West - a town ...
    Posted in Juliet does Africa by julietooo

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