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あなたが選んだデートは過去にありますベット から US$18個室 から US$70

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  • Best place to live?
    Christian -Un-corrupted politics (or relatively un-corrupted) -Mountainous landscape with generally ...

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  • Oz Intro - Day 5
    and more stunning views of the rest of the Blue Mountain range. The blue part of the name doesn't describe ...
    Posted in Killi Went to Oz by killi

  • Our First Stop: Sydney, Australia
    1100313 Jane, Opera House Our third day took us on a group tour to the Blue Mountains, which are a group of mountains about a two-hour drive to the west of Sydney. They are “blue” due to the aroma and air-borne oils of the eucalyptus trees mixing with the air, giving the mountains a bluish tint. P1100375 Blue Mtns National Park ...
    Posted in Voyage to Oz and Middle Earth by janejoe

  • Katoomba - 3336ft above sea level
    So we arrived in Katoomba, Blue Mountains yesterday morning, and it couldn't be any different to Sydney! Feels like we're really in the outback driving through the streets, and the mountains are unbelievable. I was pretty surprised to see that they are actually blue in the distance, I was a wee bit ...
    Posted in Australia and Japan 2010 by LaurenSho

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料金 人気
Blue Mountains YHA
89 %

Blue Mountains YHA

207 Katoomba Street Katoomba (地図) - ユースホステル
The Flying Fox
87 %

The Flying Fox

190 Bathurst Road, Katoomba (地図) - ユースホステル
Blue Mountains Backpacker Hostel
86 %

Blue Mountains Backpacker Hostel

144 Bathurst Road Katooomba (地図) - ユースホステル
Kangaroo BakPak Katoomba
80 %

Kangaroo BakPak Katoomba

260 Katoomba Street Katoomba New South Wales (地図) - ユースホステル
Katoomba Backpackers Lodge
79 %

Katoomba Backpackers Lodge

31 Lurline st (地図) - ユースホステル


14 Lovel St Katoomba (地図) - ユースホステル