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Rainbow Beach Discussies

  • Most beautiful place?
    I am a beach bum to the end, but I have just had the chance to visit Greenland, and was completely floored by the sheer and stunning beauty of it. I have never, ever seen anything like it. Everyone talks about the beauty of Alaska, but I find Greenland even more incredible. Is this possible? I was just ...

  • Advice on where to go and how in a 3-months travel-18yrgirl
    , beaches, mountains, something like this, but also a good vibe as I would like to meet other backpackers ...

Rainbow Beach Blog Berichten

  • Rainbow Beach
    to Rainbow Beach. Reanbow beach is another stop off point for Fraser Island, but a little further away, so most people go from Hervey. Rainbow beach was a cool little place, basically just a street of hostels, a few shops and a beach! That's it. We really liked it here, as it had quite a 'hippie' atmosphere ...
    Posted in Ryan & Lisa Down Under by Lisieloo04

  • Rainbow Beach
    Etter Fraser hadde vi igjen en natt i Rainbow beach, og denne gangen fikk vi sett stranda som for anledningen både hadde regnbue på himmelen og i sanda Tidlig start på dagen og ferden sørover, bare avbrutt av delfinforing! Disse delfinene er indo-pacific delfiner, som bare lever i tidevannselver ...
    Posted in The Road goes ever on and on... by lenebli

  • Rainbow Beach
    After Brisbane, our next stop was Rainbow Beach, named so for the multicoloured sands it boasts ...
    Posted in The Munchkin Goeth! by Munchkin88

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Pippies Beach House Rainbow Beach
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Pippies Beach House Rainbow Beach

22 Spectrum Street PO Box 317 (Kaart) - Jeugdherberg
Dingos Resort
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Dingos Resort

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Frasers On Rainbow Beach
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Frasers On Rainbow Beach

18 Spectrum Avenue (Kaart) - Jeugdherberg