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  • I want to see the world.
    kinds of responsibilities, I need to go see the world. At the moment I'm living from pay check to pay check and saving up can be quite difficult. So this is where I need advice as I am clueless in regards ...

  • Am i Crazy
    I am 24 years old , out of pure curiousity for travelling i packed a good job in 2005 to travel round oz for 7 months , missing home i made a big mistake coming back home to smethwick birmingham , i now find it hard to live here , the tentions of the world are so close and its really miserable , its ...

  • Happy New Year 2006 To All
    Well, seeing as New Year is already upon some of us and we're following in about 7 hours here in Europe, I might was well go ahead and be a bit early and wish all of you wonderful folks a Happy New Year !! As my grandma would say; "be careful with fireworks" ...

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