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  • Should Americans travel more?
    Good God, The idea of the Australian government encouraging young Aussies to travel abroad is far far too late. Can't get moved for the buggers wherever you go!!! Was in Arequipa, Peru March 2005 and my wife and I had booked a 3 day/2 night hike of Colca Canyon. One guide and 4 trekkers. A lovely ...

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  • Arequipa
    Time to stop the high altitude training after completing a three day hike down into the canyon, two nights at villages and then walking out. We started at 5 am to climb up the over 1000 metes of altitude, and it took 3 hours, not a bad effort for the old girl. P1000840 In different parts ...
    Posted in South America 10th Oct 2013 by Jen Tallarook

  • Pictures from Peru
    Below are some pictures from the last week in Arequipa and hiking down in Colca Canyon Arrival in Arequipa View of Arequipa On the way to Colca Canyon we stopped for a night in a small town called Chivay. In this area much of the mountain has been ¨terraced¨ I was told yesterday that much ...
    Posted in South America by Hughes9115

  • Big Birds and Hikes
    is the juvie... We took about 2.5 hours hiking down and then 4 hours hiking up the Colca Canyon. Dave ...
    Posted in 40 K Miles, 6 Months by Equatorials

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