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  • right time....right place
    I`m an aussie living in switzerland, (european) summer 2008 u should check out the st gallen open air, it goes off, for such repressed people they sure do let their hair down for 3 days, it is bigger than the falls festival more communal than blues and roots and dirtier than splendour in the grass ...

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  • 19/03/2013
    heading to Switzerland (Interlaken, Zurich and St Gallen) mid to late April. After that I'm not too sure ...
    Posted in Europe in Winter by chrisbonny

  • Switzerland-Croatia
    I'm going to Switzerland! A weekend in St Gallen with a day in Zurich at either end. Zurich is nice but really really expensive, I think most people who live there are wealthy business owners or corporate bankers!! Without staying much time in Zurich I caught the train to St Gallen to meet some friends ...
    Posted in Europe in Winter by chrisbonny

  • Teresópolis - RJ
    Aranha para dois serve quatro pessoas tranqüilamente. - Vila St. Gallen À noite fomos na Vila St. Gallen, que é um vila com estilo europeu, que conta com restaurantes e espaço para degustações de ...
    Posted in VIAGENS DE DIOGO E ANA PAULA by diogoeana

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