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Sarawak Discussies

  • A country to move to
    (Sabah, Sarawak) is a nice getaway... No 3. "Quite low prices" - i think the cost of living in Malaysia ...

  • You show me yours and i will show you mine!
    During my final year in Borneo, I followed a friend to his hometown in a very rural villge in Sarawak; no transport is accessible except the wooden 'rakit' to drift by; I even bath naked in the river with crocodiles! (That's the best part of it!) Take the water from the hill and wash our clothes by the river ...

Sarawak Blog Berichten

  • Sarawak
    Iban dancing girls We are now in Sarawak, Malaysia’s largest state located in East Malaysia on the island of Borneo….it is amazing…. I don’t ever want to leave… We are going to the SARAWAK CULTURAL ...
    Posted in my malaysia adventure by asia2010

  • Sarawak
    I have seen that many malaysians greet each other with a soft handshake and then place their right ...
    Posted in Exploring Malaysia by dhk456

  • Day 9
    Awaking early at (7am) we hit the road again. Driving along the Sarawak coast was beautiful, the scenery was amazing. About 7 hours later we arrived into our final Sarawak destination, Kuching ...
    Posted in Travelling Through Beautiful Malaysia by Malaysia12

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