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  • worst place!!!
    accomodation on the tracks. The cities of Lahore and Peshwahar are great as well. ...

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  • Multan to Lahore
    I slept in this morning for the uncomfortably timed 0555 Jaffer Express and should have missed it by minutes, but for once the inherent tardiness of Pakistan Railways worked in my favour, we eventually left at quarter past 7 into an unusually foggy hue. 7 hours away to the north, Lahore was renowned ...
    Posted in Asia Overland 2006-2008 by andyhay

  • Destination Lahore
    actually people here, backpackers. Unlike the rest of Pakistan it seem Lahore was quite a popular destination. And there was little sense of Emergency rule here. It turns out that Lahore gets quite a lot ...
    Posted in Point2Point by TLWH

  • Pindi to Lahore
    Longer and more hassle than expected, I got shoved about the bus 5 times before I made a point of using explicitly direct English as a warning to give me a break, they'd better give me an allocated seat or else! The recompense was that the hostel in Lahore was remarkably quiet, it being "Sufi Thursday" I had ...
    Posted in Asia Overland 2006-2008 by andyhay

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Lahore Backpackers

Lahore Backpackers

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