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  • Sarawak
    I have seen that many malaysians greet each other with a soft handshake and then place their right ...
    Posted in Exploring Malaysia by dhk456

  • Day 9
    Awaking early at (7am) we hit the road again. Driving along the Sarawak coast was beautiful, the scenery was amazing. About 7 hours later we arrived into our final Sarawak destination, Kuching ...
    Posted in Travelling Through Beautiful Malaysia by Malaysia12

  • Mulu: Penan Settlement
    We began a new morning by visiting the Penan settlement, an indigenous tribe in Sarawak. Though nomadic before, the re-settled Penan now rely humbly on crafts and farming to support their livelihood. Many Penans were resettled by Christian missionaries; it's not surprising to find a church ...
    Posted in ming's footprints by mingtravel

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