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  • Day Twelve
    Peron. If we look on the map you can see it is a point a bit further up than Monkey Mia accessible only ...
    Posted in Wandering Wilson (Day One) by WanderingWilson

  • Monkey Mia
    There are no monkeys here. No-one has really been able to tell us why it is called Monkey Mia, something to do with a British explorer naming it after his ship or something. But Monkey Mia is known for the dolphins, especially the 'dolphin interaction'. They come into the shallow waters everyday and get fed ...
    Posted in Life Is Short And The World Is Wide by JimmyHill

  • Monkey Mia
    Today we went to Monkey Mia 25km from Denham. We were so lucky as 9 dolphins came in today. Apparently yesterday only 2 came in. They are totally wild and they only give them 2 fish each so that they keep fishing for themselves. 2 of them had babies and they were so cute. One was so cute playing around ...
    Posted in Go Broome by westaus

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