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New Orleans diskusjoner

  • where is every1's best party town/place
    burbon street new orleans mardi gras how can it get any better ...

  • Join our RTW tour
    If anyone fancies meeting two friendly english lads we will be in and around the following places on the following dates....! Everyone welcome! 1 Feb – Dallas, USA (then straight to New Orleans for mardi gras ...

New Orleans blogginnlegg

  • Days Thirty One - Thirty Three
    New Orleans. The Big Easy. What can we say but that the rumours are true? This place will take the most well intentioned early nighter and turn them into a drinking, dancing, Mardi Gras necklace wearing ...
    Posted in MichaelSonia by sonnoz

  • day 9
    Still in new orleans, managed 2 find somewhere cheaper tonight, its just as nice but not as modern its styled in the old style of the french quarter! Found out tonight after we checked in though that its haunted by a past owner, an old lady called elizabeth. We'll see if she makes an appearence ...
    Posted in roadtrip by spragg n gem

  • The Big Easy or The Big Disappointment
    an hour we decided most of new Orleans is a bit sketchy. It is hard to say anything complimentary about ...
    Posted in Trav vs. The World by rhinoc

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India House Backpackers Hostel
79 %

India House Backpackers Hostel

124 South Lopez St (Kart) - Vandrerhjem
AAE Bourbon House Hostel
77 %

AAE Bourbon House Hostel

1660 Annunciation Street Amtrack GreyHound Location (Kart) - Vandrerhjem
Auberge NOLA
76 %

Auberge NOLA

1628 Carondelet Street (Kart) - Vandrerhjem
New Orleans Hostel - Marquette House
71 %

New Orleans Hostel - Marquette House

2249 Carondelet Street LA 70130 (Kart) - Vandrerhjem
Atlas House

Atlas House

1354 Magazine Street Greyhound Amtrack Station (Kart) - Vandrerhjem
Nola Jazz House

Nola Jazz House

3414 Canal St Downtown (Kart) - Vandrerhjem