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KeriKeri Blog Entries

  • On the Road AGainnn!!
    After a long and tiring seven weeks work in the Kiwi packhouse in KeriKeri it is finally time to see the sights of New Zealand. We made a nice little home in KeriKeri and met some great people who I hope to keep in touch with. The KeriFresh Packhouse Crew Hard at Work!! After leaving KeriKeri ...
    Posted in Australia by Brittany7

  • Noon in Paris
    I want to start off with a little expectations management as my take on Paris will probably be diff ...
    Posted in Matt's Misadventures by clarkmw78

  • Another quickie.....
    Here's some photos I took recently of my flatmates and coworkers: Suzanne, me and Aki on our way to KeriKeri to do some shopping!!! Our other flatmate, Rowan, chopped this tree down for us cuz we were all feeling a bit homesick what with Christmas coming around and all that. So that was our ...
    Posted in New Zealand... by Squarabara

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