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Great Ocean Road Conversações

  • Great Ocean Road, no car
    I don't drive, but I'd like to see the great ocean road. The options are to go on a tour bus, or to take a v-lines bus along the road which is considerably cheaper and seems to stop for a while at, for example, the 12 apostles. Does anyone know whether there is any massive advantage in taking a tour bus ...

  • Advice ?? Great Ocean Road
    Hey there Just wondering how the great ocean road is, if you can take any kind of vehicle. Also any other helpful tips for the road would be great ...

  • Camper Van - Great Ocean Road
    Hey there, Im trying to organise a camping weekend along the Great Ocean Road (currently in Melbourne). There's six of us, and we either need a large people carrier type thing (and take camping stuff) or get a six bed sleeper camper van. Ive been googling and there seems to be loads and loads of places ...

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