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Gisborne Conversações

  • Who's been to 'Eastland'????
    sorry, maybe I should have descirbed it a bit better: the one I meant was: Eastland- North Isl in NZ the route from Whakatane along the coast to Gisborne ...

  • NZ surf
    i am from uk and cant belive how good the surf is here, if your looking to base yourself somewhere and have surf maybe try gisborne, surf highway or best is right at the top of the northland as you can get offshore everyday as about an hour fro coast to coast! ...

  • Christmas & NY 2009
    Staying in new zealand for this time will be really nice, its usually really warm for christmas and alot of people spend it at the beach, so you wont be out of place if you are there on the day! And youl definately meet people. If you like the beach sort of scene perhaps try raglan? or gisborne (east coast north ...

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