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Narita Airport Conversações

  • Anyone have a Lost or Delayed Luggage Story?
    Well since I had to travel for work for almost 2 years...I was frequently moving through airports. I NEVER checked a bag since I had intimate working knowledge of what goes on BEHIND the counters ...

Narita Airport Blog Entries

  • Japan: Narita Airport
    Here is my bento on the way to Busan, Korea from Narita Airport in Japan. It was really cool. I liked the airplane too. It was lovely and spacious. If only the international flight from Japan to USA was as nice. Oh well! What can you do? I did want to show you the bento. First compartment was the seasoned ...
    Posted in Wanderlust by lostzepher

  • Tokyo Narita Airport
    I`ve had my first FIRST CLASS plane ride wow do the rich folks know how to live. Free food free booze then more food, have a nap, hot towel, more food, more boose; I had scotch; Johnny Walker Black None the less it is a verry long ride I have a two hour layover in Narita before going on to Naha I ...
    Posted in Patrick's Okinawa, Tokyo, Viet Nam by patgoodeve

  • Aankomst Narita airport / tokyo
    railpass en boeken gelijk een ticket voor de Narita Express richting centraal station. Tevens reserveren we ...
    Posted in Japan by tanang

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