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Digby Blog Entries

  • Travelling Days...
    We are on the move. On the 18th we took the ferry from Digby, Nova Scotia to St. John's, New Brunswick. It was a three hour long journey. A little rocky but nothing like the whale watching. The trip was very foggy and the rain started to come down just as we arrived into New Brunswick. Unfortunately ...
    Posted in Brent & Channy's Cross Canada Adventure by Brental

  • Entry 19 B - More Koalas
    the universe for a repeat of my original team of Karin, Chris and Digby and today I got most of them with Chris, Digby and I off to find Abby, Tea, Olivia, Honey, Winston, Jackaroo and Stud. Chris was tracking and Digby doing the main amount of spotting. We crossed paths with Delma and Tashina as they made their way ...
    Posted in Where Is She Heading by ladyjanes

  • Seaside adventures
    turbulent. Afterwards we went to the harbour to catch the ferry to Digby in Nova Scotia. The ferry ride took about 3 hours & by the time we reached Digby the weather was overcast & it was quite cold. We ...
    Posted in Journey to the Other Side by aussiecate

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