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Ensenada Discussions

  • purchase in ensenada
    I recently was on a cruise and stopped in Ensenada where I purchased a ring at Ruben's Real store. I was told the ring was $150 but my Visa card was charged $183. Any suggestions on what I can do or help would be appreciated ...

Ensenada Blog Entries

  • Ensenada, sopka, jezero...
    Dneska jsem trochu zaspal. Byl jsem v jakémsi rodinném penzionu a závěsy tam nepouštěly skoro žádné světlo, tak jsem se vzbudil až před devátou. Jel jsem na Osorno a pak na jih na Puerto Octay. Potom ještě kousek do Ensenady. Tam jsem se ubytoval - hotel Ensenada je jak z nějakého filmu z ...
    Posted in Patagonie na motorce by jiri.vycital

  • Ensenada to La Paz - The Whole Tamale
    Finally into la paz. All i can tell y'all is that the last few days have been trying. so we left ensenada headed south. Military check points have turned out to be quite simple, with only half assed checks for drugs. We hit a couple of awesome beaches with great surf. The skills ...
    Posted in Nicaragua...or BUST!!! by NicaNic

  • Enfin des nouvelles apres 1 mois
    peu plus clair!!! Donc voila pour Hawai, le 5 avril nous arrivons a Ensenada au Mexicqiue les ...
    Posted in Mon aventure à bord by pilarmaldo

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