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Meissen Blog Entries

  • Katholische Hofkirche
    , it was elevated to cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dresden-Meissen in 1964. It is located near the Elbe ...
    Posted in Looking far by gilbir

  • 2011 - My Tiki Tour (Part 14 - Dresden, Germany)
    . Monday 23 May - A day trip to the town of Meissen (or Meißen using the German orthography) via a paddle steamer down the Elbe. It took about 2 hours to slowly meander the 25 km to Meissen. The route is quite scenic with small villages and vineyards on the way. Meissen is what a lot of tourists consider ...
    Posted in Glynn's travel blog by nzhamsta

  • Elba Trip
    Dresden Day 6 Meissen & Torgau Day 7 Wittenberg Day 8 Dessau & Magdeburg Day 9 Potsdam & Berlin Day 10 ...
    Posted in Our Travels by dgreening

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