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  • leaving marks behind
    "leaving our marks " is the titel of one of the recently uploaded fotos,showing a young women writin her name at the stone entrance to a cave. Why are people leaving this marks behind ? It makes me always angry when I see this stupid marks like "I was here" especially when the are scrached in stones ...

  • Where In Japan Is This?
    If i am not mistaken, it is The Ocean Dome in Miyazaki on the Island of Kyushu. The world's largest indoor water park. The entrance fees for adult is US$89 and US$66 for kids. It is surrounded by Golf Courses!!I think its the The Ocean Dome of Miyazaki. ...

  • Spending Money
    Hi! Travelling at the end of the year, worrying about not having enough money =/ just wondering if anyone had any rough estimates about spending money (including accomodation) for Japan and America. I won't be buying much, just food and entrance fees when needed. I'm staying in Japan for 4 days and the states ...

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The Entrance Backpackers

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