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  • Ideas Needed Please!
    and Vladivostok? Last time I was in Bangkok there were so many tourists there it was difficult to find a bar ...

  • The Longest Drive
    Well, you can't drive through Panama....the Darien Gap is inaccessible by car (unless you have an incredible car!!), so that might rule out North to South America. How about Vladivostok to Lisbon? It's supposed to be 6,200 miles as the crow flies (direct), but I imagine it's a lot longer driving. Mind you ...

  • flying courier
    Air courier is a western thing. I am not sure it is done in Russia. If it is done I assume it is mostly done within Russia, say for a company that needs to get things from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok very fast. In regards to cheap flights from Russia, where in Russia are you and which countries ...

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