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  • Transit flight - luggage question
    Hi people, I will be flying on Qatar airways from Singapore to Istanbul, transiting in Doha. My question is, will my luggage, checked in at Singapore, arrive at Istanbul direct and not get unloaded in Doha? That i would not have to collect it in Doha and then check it in again for the transit ...

  • 14 hour flights
    I recently relocated from the US to Kuala Lumpur. 14 hours from Houston to Doha; 7 hours Doha to KL. All of the above are true particularly choosing your airline very carefully. (Im a Emirates/Qatar or BA girl myself). I'd like to add one more thing: to keep in mind your destination. Your destination ...

  • Can I drive from UK to Qatar?
    Hi Joe, I have to say it does sound very ambitious indeed, but could be fun if you pull it off. Another thing that you will have to consider is the terrain you will be crossing and how it will affect your car (what is it by the way??). Where will you be working...Doha? Like most places in the middle ...

Doha blog inlägg

  • Doha
    In Doha! trying to entertain myself. for 14 hours. its harder than you think. and i know you think it would be hard. So, had a minor (major) freakout on friday saying goodbye to everyone. weird weird weird ...
    Posted in just.see by alexD

  • Doha
    hour stopover in Doha, which would have been reduced considerably, but our main concern now is that we ...
    Posted in Two Idiots Abroad by Gibbo54

  • Welcome to Doha!
    [b]Welcome! This is the new site documenting my experiences whilst working in Doha for the 2006 Asian Games. Stay tuned for my first entry on July 01 when I land in Doha! ...
    Posted in Doha Experience by bnasr

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