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London diskussioner

  • Where is the best place to visit in the world..?
    Hi fcAnnie, I'm an Aussie living in London and have done loads of travel around Europe. I love so many countries but it's really weird that I always miss London. It really is an awesome city with so ...

  • Brazil or India??
    I think both places sound lovely but Brazil would be my first choice. Its got a carnival atmosphere, the people are friendly, and lively. London78 ...

London blog inlägg

  • London Churches
    A grey day in London with a bit of rain about as we made our way to St Pauls Cathedral. Whilst the museums in London are free the churches certainly aren't; 19 pounds or A$31 to visit seems quite steep ...
    Posted in 2013 Bill, Ann & Brenda Europe by BillandAnnhols

  • Tower of London
    Another grey day in London for our visit to another English icon; the Tower of London. Tower of London The Byward Tower entry The Tower of London was originally constructed as a fortress under William the Conqueror; it was a key piece of Will's efforts to subdue Anglo Saxon London after his Norman ...
    Posted in 2013 Bill, Ann & Brenda Europe by BillandAnnhols

  • London on foot
    doubt. Another full day in London tomorrow as I don't fly out until the late evening - must make sure I ...
    Posted in Uk Trip by burgeea

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