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Wheal Owles Mine Postcard

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Wheal Owles Mine

Wheal Owles Mine

On the morning of Tuesday January 10 1893 the miners had broken through into the workings of the flooded neighbouring Wheal Drea. As the torrent rushed into Wheal Owles it pushed the air before it, creating a great wind which blew out all the lights, plunging the terrified miners into absolute darkness. Those working on the upper levels narrowly escaped with their lives. Nineteen men and a boy were never seen again .Their remains are still entombed in the flooded workings. There is a memorial to the men who died “at grass” nearby. None of the bodies were recovered and the mine never re-opened, despite several attempts to float it as Wheal Owles and Boscean United.

Photo by TOBY TYKE