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Fantasic Ginger cruise on Halong bay Postcard

Travel Photography Travel Postcards Fantasic Ginger cruise on Halong bay

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Fantasic Ginger cruise on Halong bay

Fantasic Ginger cruise on Halong bay

Ginger is one of three boats run by Cruise Halong ( based in Hanoi. The other two boats are Jasmine and Violet. We saw all three but stayed two nights on Ginger. We didnt know what to expect - websites can often be misleading. This one was not. The photos matched the reality. The boat was modern, safe, luxurious and the staff were fantastic. BEWARE: There are plenty of companies who organise tours in Halong Bay. Some of the boats are well below standared. Ginger, Jasmine and Violet are not. Beware also that you can book Ginger, Jasmine and Violet through other tour operators - but the direct website for the company which owns and runs them here. Use this one. It's owned by a Vietnamese businessman but the management team are Swiss and Italian. On board, we were amazed by the quality of the food. Restaurant standard and all traditional vietnamese dishes. We did the two night option - others on the boat did just one night. I would advice two nights - you get to see and do far more: canoeing etc. Great fun. The company also run cruises on the Mekong Delta in the south - you can sail from Saigon right up to Ankor Wat. We havent yet done it!

Photo by Mark Heritage