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Downtown , USA


Wow--then this is quite impressive--as well as scary.

Enjoy this and all your photos

Posted by Calcruzer – 13-Jul-12 @ 09:39

:) It's not photoshopped! I guess everybody is pretty much used to bears in Alaska. I think that bear is always around there and people don't seem to mind. Beautiful animal, but they still freak me out!

Posted by Charzotte – 12-Jul-12 @ 23:41

I hope this was photoshopped. Otherwise, that child is way too close to a giant grizzly bear, while the parent is ignoring what is going on.

Posted by Calcruzer – 12-Jul-12 @ 08:03

Haha oh sorry. I only saw where the location after I posted that.

Posted by Tully – 29-Oct-10 @ 16:56

Oh wow. This is an amazing photo. Where was this taken?

Posted by Tully – 29-Oct-10 @ 16:55

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