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Married man


Hey Zindy! I'm doing good, how are you? Keep up the good stuff in the wiki - love your work.

Posted by dr.pepper – 17-Jun-07 @ 17:50

Just wanna say hi, how do you do? :) I've "known" Sam and Peter, and just found out today that dr.pepper is another from the Daams :)

Posted by zags – 15-Jun-07 @ 06:51

Yeah, that was the day after the wedding! It's losing a little shine now, but I can still see my head in the reflection.

Posted by dr.pepper – 09-May-07 @ 00:28

It's still nice and shiny (the ring that is :) ) ....

Posted by Sam I Am – 09-May-07 @ 00:25

And poorer man :)

Posted by dr.pepper – 08-May-07 @ 18:01

Better man :)

Posted by dyakhnov – 08-May-07 @ 17:56

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