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En route to a rural medical clinic... by A.D. Lanza Star this if you like it!

This picture was taken a midpoint en route to the rural medical clinic I've written briefly about. Note the power lines: Hadn't seen a soul or a dwelling for miles and miles; I have absolutely no idea what is being powered -- neither did our guide. Scenery vacillated from lush to barren during this journey, as it did throughout the country. Really interestign terrain. It was nature's stark demarcation, like Nairobi's proper, of the haves and the not haves. Although there is not a cell phone tower in site, due to utility, that is the Kenyan's preferred mode of communication (see Vanity Fair July issue)if -- and when -- they can afford it; and, although at first it was pretty suprising, it is not at all uncommon to see "peasants" in full tribal gear talking on them.


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