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Eivissa ´Que linda!´

Travel Photography Featured Travel Photos of Spain Eivissa ´Que linda!´

Eivissa ´Que linda!´

My beautiful friend relaxing and taking in the amazing Ibiza sunset.


Thanks a lot for explaining Peter.

So great to have one of my photos featured. My photography career starts here!


Posted by phegg – 09-Nov-11 @ 05:07

Hi Stephanie, we manually feature what we think are the best photos on the site. Since you've now set the location, you'll see it show up in the Featured photo gallery for Spain - it's a few pages back because the photo is from 2007 -

This also means that the photo is up for voting in the Sunrises and Sunsets competition. Only featured photos show up on that voting page:

Hope that clarifies it :)

Posted by Peter – 08-Nov-11 @ 17:18

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your comment! I´m new at this sort of thing so can you explain to me what you mean by ´featured it´.
I think I´ve done as you said but let me know if not.

Thanks again,


Posted by phegg – 08-Nov-11 @ 17:10

hi phegg, love this picture. I've featured it. Could you edit the photo and add the location information? This way it will show up in the correct country gallery.

Posted by Peter – 07-Nov-11 @ 18:34

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