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Luang Prabang - wild snacks by schweboo Star this if you like it!

Wild birds and a mammal - not sure which one, does not look like a rodent. Any thoughts on identification most welcome


The animal on the left is probably a Common Tree Shrew (Tupaia glis). Though they resemble squirrels, the teeth of treeshrews are arranged quite differently; they have in the past been considered as insectivores or even primitive primates. Now they are classified under their own order, Scandentia. The Common Tree Shrew Tupaia glis inhabits primary and mature secondary forest, and is active in the day either on the forest floor, or amongst fallen branches where they feed on insects and fallen fruit. The long, pointed snout immediately identifies this animal as a treeshrew, and this particular species has a distinctive pale band at the shoulder. The upperparts are brown, sometimes reddish-orange-brown, and the underparts buffy brown.

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