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Morning Dunescape

Travel Photography Featured Travel Photos of USA Morning Dunescape

Morning Dunescape

Alamosa , USA


Ha... I'm sorry, i went back and checked on that shot, and turns out it was done with my higher grade camera... I guess a good camera helps, though i think i could get the same with my cheap-o....

Posted by Rhombus – 09-Jul-12 @ 10:44

You see, you don´t need expensive equipment to make great shots...just wake up early, it´s free...;)

Posted by Utrecht – 08-Jul-12 @ 10:51

Right On, Utrecht.. This is the Great Sand Dunes NP of Colorado.. I had a nice jaunt up on top at dawn.. Thank you for your nice comments, it makes my day when people take time to let me know how I'm doing.. This photo is one of my favorites as well. Would you believe me if I told you this was taken with a $100 dollar point and shoot?

Fair winds, and big smiles.

Posted by Rhombus – 08-Jul-12 @ 07:42

You know I like lots of your photos, but this one stands out even more in my opinion. The one with the blue-ish look is great as well by the way. I see Alamosa County as location, that's Great Sand Dunes NP, Colorado, right?
Happy Travels!

Posted by Utrecht – 06-Jul-12 @ 12:12

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